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Inotia 3- How Beautiful You Are. Park Jiyoon

Jan. 7th, 2012 | 12:37 pm
location: home~
music: Inotia 3

Managed to find the lyrics, thought I'd share it.

Just like the mist above
I can see the light, through the dark
My eyes are blinded by, shining beauty of your own heart

Do you feel me here
Do I dare go near you there?
All I can do is, let you spread your wings
And fly your dreams here tonight.

* I will fight all your worries here tonight
I will take all the chances for you.

** Go on and fly your flight.
I'm your secret wings,
I can hold you tight.
Nothing can stop you now,
Please don't take the bow.
Let the whole world know you'll be all fine.

*** Go on and smile your smile.
I'll make sure you do,
right from your behind.
Nothing can stop you now,
You won't take the bow.
Let the whole world come see you
And know how beautifull you are.

Even though you can't see,
I'll be standing here through the dark.
You won't be sheding tears,
I'll be wiping them with my heart.

Repeat *
Repeat **
Repeat ***

Repeat **
Repeat ***

Singapore Customer Service

Aug. 24th, 2010 | 09:59 pm

is crap... crap... CRAPPP! ok, was after work, so mum (not the one in fb) decidedtohave dinner at Wasabi San Japanese Restaurent, since it was near home. got a 2 seater table, was already putting my bag on the floor, when she took a chair from a bigger empty table to put our 3 bags. my bag was the largest, cause it had my LAPTOP. so ok, settled down, looking at the menu when a waitress came by with a SMALLL STOOL, wanting us use that for our bags instead... hello??? 1 BIG bag with a LAPTOP, a MEDIUM bag and ANOTHER tote bag, and you want us to use that stoll for all 3? already my bag took up the entire chair, there's no way to put my mum's bag on top. it'll definately topple over...

mum had already asked the waitress not to change the chair cause there's my laptop inside. and if my bag drops, my ONE AND ONLY LAPTOP is gone case. but the waitress was kind of stll insistant we use the stool instead. not to mention, it was under the MANAGER/SUPERVISOR'S order. pls... if we had used the stool, and my bag drops, is the management going to compensate 1.2k or pay the repairs of my laptop? since it was THEIR idea to use the stool? so yeah well, cause of that they lost 2 customers....

on the other hand, i could have completly refused, and just put my bag on the floor. but my mum was totally mad with the restaurent staff's attitude and just walked out, so there goes my nice jap dinner. Wasabi San Japanese Restaurent is at Blk206 Bedok North St 1 #01-355

Fried Beehoon with....

Jan. 20th, 2010 | 11:47 am
location: in my room~
mood: happy happy

the cast of Manda, Sana, Ashin, Kaine, Aramaki and Kaya ._. don't ask, it was some weird dream i had before waking up =_=;

ok, manda, sana, ashin, kaine and myself all live together under one roof. actually, make that 2. for some reason, we have 2 apartments; one is a corner unit, connected to a corridoor unit. but it was along the corridoor, not far corner. the corner unit is where the kitchen, living and another spare room is. the other apartment has got 3 bedrooms, 1 study, and a living room.

so anyway, we were in the study room, manda playing games, sana was drawing, ashin n kaine for some reason were hitting each other, and i was i think just being amusing by the 2 of them. it was my turn to do dinner, so i went over the other apartment. went on to make fried beehoon, nuggets and steamed dumplings. halfway with setting u0p the table, the doorbell rang, and kaya was there with a bunch of people.

Kaya: HI Tsu! i hope you don't mind we drop in for food :D
Tsu: er.. ._.

and she let herself in. apparently i didn't lock the outer door o_O?

Kaya: heyyy! i smell fried beehoon and nuggets!can we help ourselves?

without waiting for a reply, she and the bunch of people sat down and helped themselves to the food!! so ok, i resigned to that and went on to make more fried beehoon, nuggets and steamed dumplings. apparently i made alot more nuggets, cause manda likes those and she eats alot of them o_O.

with finishing cooking, i went over the other side to get the rest.

Tsu: ehh! dinner's ready! you all coming?

and walked into the study, to find aramaki suddenly sitting there!

Tsu: ehh! i didn't know you were coming! i din make your share ><
Aramaki: ...... :3

Sana: aiyah, nevermind lah. we can all shareeeeeee~ :D
Tsu: hmm.. ok. there's more than enough anyway.

Manda: orh, ok! let's go people!

going over the other apartment...

Tsu: oh yeah, kaya is here with a bunch of people.
Sana: har??!

Tsu: yeah, she went in before i could say anything
Sana: oh my gosh! she let herself in again!!

Tsu: er, yeah. again -_-;

.. and then that was when my alarm went off. i haven't had a dream like this for quite a long time sia. super random ahh!! hmm... apparently kaya let's herself in for free food quite often? o.O

5 questions Meme~

Dec. 1st, 2009 | 02:21 pm
location: in my room~
mood: busy busy

* Leave me a comment saying "BACK HUMPER!"
* I'll respond by asking you five questions so i can get to know you better.
* Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
* Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

5 questions asked from Kaya~

1. Who do you like most out of your whole crew?
- ehhh... this is hard :x. it'll probably be Reiya. but well, i still love them all xD

2. If you see two not amazingly handsome guys making out IRL, will you get disgusted?
- ewww... reminds me of the news abt 2 dumb guys who did a vid of themselves in the lift and running around the HDB corridoor =_=;

- HR 8 liaoo!! woohoo!!

4. What's your favourite armour and weapon in MH?
- Kirin MALE amour! Dual Sword~

5. Most hated monster in MH?
- er.... atrange enough, Kirin too :x. that thing bounces sia! and took off a lot of my HP @@. i'm just a poor HR 8 in a tigrex amour :x.

Vocaloid Hetalia?? o.O

Jul. 25th, 2009 | 02:30 am
location: in my room~
mood: sleepy sleepy

was searching around youtube for kaito's project diva vids, n found this?? o.O

Kaito taking Austria's role
Gakupo taking Prussia's role.


Happy Happy Dance??

Jul. 21st, 2009 | 10:54 pm
location: in my room~
mood: sleepy sleepy

somethng my collegue linked to me. er... any idea what's the song these 2 damn hyper girls are dancing to?
it kindda sounds like a hatsune miku song or idol master one ._.


Just a thought...

Jul. 20th, 2009 | 10:59 pm
location: in my room~
mood: contemplative contemplative

sgcafe is such a drama place. in the recent years, it's been getting even more drama.
i'm just giving a general POV here, from my observation. NOT targeting anything in particular.

1 person has a certain view of things, i have mine. sure, we're all different, seeing things from different perspective, some thoughts may overlap, and some don't. but, who are we to question the other person's intellegence? or who are we to say "some people just don't read." or "some people just don't get it." etc. when in the first place, it wasn't attacking the comment posted by the previous person or a personal attack.

what defines an intelligent person. typically, it's someone with a high IQ or EQ? so, just cause some people feel strongly about an issue, and is able to voice out their opinions strongly, does it constitue the others as silly or idiots? judging from the comments above mentioned. they probably didn't mean it that way, but it may come accross to others as that.

i suppose that's why we have conflicts. especially when we feel strongly towards certain issues, and tend to close up or even take other people comments as un-intelligent and silly. but hey, ultimately, it's still the others' point of view. and for all you know, you might even find some good points there.

i guess that's why i avoid the Complaint section there. it really isn't a good feeling to see people calling each other senseless over their remarks. then again, aren't they being just as senseless too?

also, personally i feel tat we all lack the respect for each other. and there, i will have people throwing up "Respect has to be earned, not given!" i'll throw you another counter for that. what sort of respect are you expecting, if you start commenting on how un-intelligent or silly the comments posted by others are? it may not be directly, but with subtle comments, hiding the truth behind it.

the worse thing is when we all attack each other's intelligence. is there such a need to degrade others, just so we can remain at the top? if there is a need to do that, frankly, i'll say you're the least intelligent of all. cause if you were really that smart, there's really no need to degrade others. throw in arrogance for the mix. wow, that's just nice...

so, you step on me, i step on you. that's just how the world goes. either you're steped on, or you step on others. personally, if it was me, i'll do it without stepping on you, or being stepped on, and earning true trust and respect at the same time.

Pink Kirakira Gundam o_O

Jun. 26th, 2009 | 12:08 pm
location: in the office~
mood: mellow mellow
music: DJMax Black Square OST- Bermei Inazawa, Melody (Japanese ver)

a friend sent me this link, n i'm like.. o_O; traumatising!!!!


have fun :x

(no subject)

Jun. 19th, 2009 | 03:45 pm
location: in the office
music: DJMax Black Square OST - Secret World

Starting to wonder how in the world did everything start spiraling down. never in my working life has so much drama happened, and so many random mistakes made. makes me wonder how the heck i ended up like this...
maybe i shouldn't have let myself get preasured, and stay on in a comfy corporate office.

maybe this, maybe that.... doesn't make a difference anymore...


May. 30th, 2009 | 06:24 pm
location: in my room~

Mum pulled me out of bed to go shopping at 10am, though i was rather unwilling, having slept at 3am in the morning gaming all night. she wanted to look at some laptops and get some clothes n all that. in the end, the one who didi the most shopping... was me ._. gg! bought...

a new chair!!! it's like, at last de! no more using plastic chairs!! ^.^ new chair can swivel around, it's on wheels, mesh back rest and half leather, half ulphostry seat.
a pair of casual shoes from suntec.
keyboard protector covers for my laptop & desktop from Courts at tampines.
was planning to get a portable hard disk drive too, if it weren't for the price. looking at a 350 or a 500gb.

came home at about 4+, but wahahaha! with all the goods, i'd say it's a damn good day to be out~ bwahahahahahah!!! i'm damn happy about the chair!

oh, this i have to mention. when i was vacuming the dust off my cpu, since my desktop's gonna be given away, mum came in and started clearing the stuffs off the plastic chair. she went.. "why do you have so much stuffs on the chair! even your children's clothes have invaded the chair!"

me: o_O??! huh?? children? what children!? *thinking- she can't mean my crew?? o_O? *
mum: *tosses vangil's pants onto the bed* this one! see!

me: *thinking- wuh??! since when did she refer to them as 'my children'??! * huh??! wowww! since when did i give birth to any children de o_O;; if that's the case, then you're a grandmother!
mum: yeah, yeah whatever lah. can you imagine as a mother, if your daughter's room is messy, people will think that the mother is messy also. clear your room lah!

me: o_O *thinking- er... that's a change of topic! * yeah, yeah.....

but wow??!! mum never did quite like my resin crew, so how come she suddenly refers to them as 'my children'!!?